Prepare your home for sale – Home Staging

Prepare Your Home for Sale – The Importance of Home Staging 
Marketing plays a huge part in everything we purchase. Think about this for a moment.. when you look through a magazine, or watch a television commercial, you are probably drawn to a certain product simply because of the way it is presented to you. If it appeals to your senses or what you perceive your lifestyle should be, you will go out and buy it.

In the same way, when your house goes up for sale, it is important to think about how you want your house to be presented so that it shows in its best light. The way you live in a home and the way to show the home to prospective buyers are usually two different things -- unless you are the perfect Martha Stewart!

Every home has some unique qualities that should be "shown off" to a potential home buyer.
Home Staging means to simply 'show off' your home correctly to highlight these special qualities.
Below are a few tips to make sure your house is looking its best when potential home buyers aare viewing your home.

Follow these quick steps to get started on Self-Home Staging:

•Make a list.
The first thing to do as simple as it sounds, is to make a list of what needs to be done. This can seem like an overwhelming process at first, but if you write things down, and check them off as you go, things will go a lot smoother.
•Curb Appeal.
The outside of your home is the first impression a potential buyer will have. Assess what needs to be done to make your home more attractive from the outside. First impressions count. Make buyers feel like the outside will reflect the same beauty inside. Add a few new plants or flowers, or hire a reasonably priced landscaper. This can be a big help in speeding the home selling process along.
•Cleanliness is key.
It is important that your house is spick and span - especially at the front door. The entry should be swept clean and free of cobwebs.Additional cleaning should include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning etc. .Money on this service is well spent, and will be worth it to you when you get the selling price you asked for. If you can't afford professional cleaning, do some of the cleaning yourself. A new coat of paint, patch up a hole with some putty, etc.
•De Clutter.
This should be the number one priority. Buyers want to see a home that is open,airy and neutral. Put away family pictures, and things unique to you. You may even need to remove some furniture to open up your space more. You want to have the potential buyer to be able to imagine themselves living there. Again think of the model homes that make minimal use of furnishings and personal items.
•Determine the selling points of your home.
What do you like best about the home? Do you have a special view or a favorite room in your home?
Maybe your driveway is extremely attractive. Chances are there is something unique and special about your home that other people will enjoy as much as you. Figure out what these are, and let them show at their best.

•Accentuate the selling points of your home.
For example, if you have a great fireplace, make sure it is clean if not in use. If the weather is appropriate, have a nice fire in place to give it that cozy feel. Minimize the framed pictures, pieces of art, or flowers so it can be seen and appreciated.

•Try to look like a model.
At some point you have looked in a magazine, or been to a model home. Try to think of your home like a model home, and act accordingly. Set the dining room table with linens and your best china. Have the beds made and the pillows fluffed. Have some fun!

Let the buyers feel your home is a cozy oasis. If it's cool outside, turn on the heat. If it's hot out, make sure it's cool inside.

•Smells Sell or Kill a Sale
Make sure your house is smelling its best so buyers will want to stay awhile. Invest in a few scented candles and set them around your kitchen, and bathrooms. Flowers are a great idea as well. Set flowers out on kitchen tables, and coffee tables. These are a great source of scent, and visually pleasing as well. If you have a cat litter box make sure it is kept clean and fresh smelling. Make sure any smelly trash is out quickly and pungent or overpowering cooking smells are quickly eliminated if someone is coming to see the home.
•Soothing Sounds.
Be sure to have soft soothing music on when showing your home. Remember it should be soft and somewhat unobtrusive. Make sure there is no outside noise to distract the home buyer from enjoying the different rooms in your home.

When you are ready to sell, I can also share videos with you how this is done by professional home stagers. This way you can get their expertise without the expense.