Tips for Home Staging

When you are selling a home, it is important to make a good first impression.  That means you will have to do some preparation and clean-up to get it to show its best. The better home looks, the more likely it will be you'll get an offer quickly. Here is a basic outline to get you started. For more details, contact me. 

Overview Clean-up 
Use scented items to create an inviting smell in your home. Bad odors can deter some buyers. Empty the garbage daily to reduce odors.

Clean all windows inside and out, ensuring they are functioning properly.

Repair broken items in your house (doors, cracks, etc.). In most cases, buyers will ask for broken items to be repaired. Repair all holes in walls.

Rearrange furniture or move furniture room to room to create more space and open area.

Vacuum all carpet and hardwood floors. Scrub and clean tile and grout throughout your house.

Make sure that light bulbs are working, replace with higher wattage bulbs to create more light if needed.

Room by Room Sprucing

Clean all surfaces. Put toiletries in drawers or cabinets. Clear all items out of shower stalls and tubs except for necessities. Leave out a bottle of hand soap along with a hand towel.

Fold bath towels in thirds on towel racks daily. Purchase new towels if needed. Keep toilet lids closed. Clean the shower curtain, or replace if needed.

Give your shower and tub a fresh bead of silicone caulking around the edges to make them look neat and clean. Repair any cracking or peeling areas and clean any moldy areas. Paint the room, if needed.

Make beds daily and replace bedding if needed. Clear off excess items on nightstands, dressers, etc.
Pick up all clothes off the floor. Remove excess furniture that will impede movement through the room. 

Keep closet doors closed. If you have a walk-in closet keep the floor clean and free of laundry and clutter. Arrange items to create a tidier closet.

Family Room, Living Room
Clear off all coffee tables and end tables, remove all ashtrays. add air fresheners. Rearrange furniture for the best traffic flow.

Dining Room:
Clear off the table, leave a centerpiece or other decorative item. Remove additional leaves from tables to make the room look bigger.

You want to show a lot of counter space. Clear all unnecessary objects from the kitchen countertops. Clean and empty the sink. Remove all soaps, sponges, and supplies out of sight and under the sink.Clean stovetop and oven. Repair broken tile or loose corners on counters.

Remove all pictures, magnets, drawings, messages, etc. from the refrigerator. This makes the room look cluttered.

Laundry Rooms:
Keep counters and sink clean and empty. Put soaps, towels, etc. in cupboards.