How NOT to Market a Home

Every picture tells a story and when you're selling a house you want the pictures to show a home as inviting and welcoming as you can. Here's some examples of marketing pictures (none of these are any that I would have used) that do the opposite. None of them have been retouched, but I have cropped them to highlight the flaws.

If you are going to take a photo, at least make sure that the blinds
are even and preferably down to their full length. 

If there are issues of lighting, that can be adjusting by lights, 
a flash or the angle the blinds are turned. 

You may not be having a party when a picture is taken, but don't show the backyard in disarray. Give the impression that the yard is ready for people to come over. Open and group the chairs together, show the umbrella fully open and set up a display of glasses and a pitcher. 

The color in this photo was not retouched, but it sure looks like there's a blue driveway. If it looks off in the camera, guess what? It will look that way when it's displayed. 

That's why professional photographers take TONS of pictures. They know not all of them will come out and they won't be able to recreate the event. 

Other items to make sure are NOT included the photos to market your home. 

People - unless you're a big time celebrity and you want people to buy your lifestyle. This also included leaving out the image of the photographer in the bathroom mirror.

Pets - Just because you love Fido or Fluffy, it doesn't mean your buyer will, That also means you need to make sure their scent isn't noticeable in the house as well. 

Unmade beds or dirty clothes on the floor - Pick up and clean up as if mom was coming over for a visit. Funny in cartoons, but not in seeing a home for sale. 

Cars or trucks in the driveway - They aren't included in the sale and they shouldn't be in the pictures either. They block the view of your lovely home. 

Staging is important when taking photos and when prospective buyers are coming to see your home. I can show you many more ideas of how you can make your home sell quicker and get you top dollar. When you're ready to sell, give me a call!