NAR Housing Report: Is Homeownership is a Good Financial Decision?

Every quarter the National Association of Realtors does a survey with a series of questions to home owners and renters. On a weekly basis I will be give updates on these reports. Here's the initial points covered in the report

According to the report, these are the statistics for those who believe home ownership is a good decision. Here's the details by categories:

88 % of U.S. households believe owning a home is a good financial decision. 
76 % of those people strongly believe it’s a good decision 

Older households more frequently view home ownership as a good financial decision.

By the Numbers: Home ownership is a good decision according to... 
89 % of White/Caucasian households, 
88 % of Black households 
84 % of Asian households 
82 % of Hispanic/Latino households believe ownership

By the Numbers: Those who believe home ownership is a good financial decision
according to College Education
89 % of those with some college education 
85 % of those with no college education

87 % of U.S. households believe homeownership is part of their American Dream. 
72 % believe it strongly and 15 percent moderately. 

Believing home ownership is part of their American Dream
89 % of those 65 and over 
87 % with at least some college education  

Among U.S. households who believe home ownership is part of their American Dream the most appealing aspects of home ownership were: 
A place to raise a family—36% 
Owning place of one’s own—26%  
A nest egg for retirement—14%
Financial security now—13% 
Being part of a community—8% 
Settling down—4%

Source: NAR Home Survey December 2015