Luxury Living in South Texas

Looking for a new homestead? 

Hankering for your own cattle ranch? 

If you have $1.5 million available in cash, 
a line of credit or just won the lottery, 
you'll be able to buy a 100 + acres 
and have money leftover to buy 
some cattle and feed as well.

This ranch includes 4 fenced grazing pastures, 
two water tanks, private well, a barn for horses, 
cows & hay plus a workshop. 

And there a great looking home with lots of room 
to grow a family to help run the ranch!

If this sounds like the home you've been dreaming about, 
or you'd like to know  about others, contact me, 
by using the form on the right. 

Christine Henderson
Changing Real Estate Dreams Into Reality Since 1985