Road Trip? Tips for Comfort in the Drive

 If you are planning a road trip or are on the road a lot as part of your job, here's some tips keep you more comfortable...

Adjust Your Seat: Adjust your seat so your legs are neither bunched up nor so far from the pedals that you feel the stretch in your hamstrings. recommends tilting the seatback at around a 100-110 degree angle in relation to the bottom of the seat. This evenly distributes the weight between your thighs and your buttocks, allowing you to lean back ever so slightly.

Let Your Mirror Be Your Guide: Here's a simple trick that will help you maintain proper posture. Sit up straight and adjust the mirror so that the reflection is lined up with the top edge of the rear window. If you start to slouch, the reflection will shift, reminding you to straighten your spine.

Add Extra Lumbar Support: Even some very nice cars come with little in the way of lumbar support, but you can add a cushion that supports your lower back. Brookstone sells a variety of cushions filled with memory foam that just might give your back some much needed relief.

Relax Your Grip: If you find yourself stuck in traffic or making your way through a busy part of town, you might succumb to the temptation to grip the steering wheel a little too tightly. This places extra stress on the joints in your fingers and your wrist. When you notice you're doing the vice grip, try to relax with a deep breath or two. It's good for the mind and the body!

Stop and Stretch: Long, uninterrupted drives can reduce blood flow and cause muscle cramps. Consider stopping and stretching your legs to break up a longer trip if your schedule allows.   

Source: Old Republic Home Warranty