Home Improvements that Add Value

It's easy to break the budget when you think about upgrading your home with huge undertakings of remodeling the kitchen with the trendiest appliances and gadgets or making your master bathroom a wonderful spa retreat. However, small changes can make a difference in how you feel about your home and how it will show to potential buyers. Here's some great starters to consider.

Handle the hardware. If a complete kitchen or bathroom overhaul is out of the budget, give it a fresh look by simply replacing the hardware (drawer pulls, knobs) and faucets, you can create an entirely different look. There are lots of options online or at your local home improvement stores. Another option is updating the backsplash in the kitchen to tie the look together.

Splash on some paint. Paint an accent wall to give a room ‘pop’ with appeal. If it's bright and vibrant to suit your tastes, it will be a lot easier to neutralize one wall when you're ready to move than a whole room.

Entryway update. The entryway is the first impression for guests or prospective buyers. If the door is faded, freshen it up. Once inside show your style with welcoming wall art.

Flooring Counts. Replace old carpets with tile, laminate or hardwood floors that will last longer, look better are easier to care for than carpets that trap allergens and dirt.

Add more space with a porch or patio. An inviting front patio with paces to sit or display your potted plants adds to curb appeal and may even give you a new opportunity to get to know your neighbors as they stroll by. In Texas we love our barbecue, so adding or enlarging your back patio is always a plus.

No matter what type of DIY project you choose to undertake, remember that it’s okay to call in the experts when needed to get the job done right.