5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling

Even though it's just the beginning of May, we are already in full swing of the home buying season. Buyers are looking and making decisions for their next home. As a seller, you may be anxious about putting your home on the market.  Here are five too-common errors that sellers make that you should avoid.  
1. Expecting the High-Dollar Sale Overnight
Current news stories point to increasing sales and low-inventory. This can give you the confidence to get in the game, however don't get overconfident. National numbers show that homes are selling slightly faster than normal, but homes still require competitive pricing. When your home is priced right you have a greater pool of buyers who could be bidding on your home.

2. Forgetting the Importance of Staging
Even if there is “low inventory” that doesn't mean buyers will buy any home. They still have standards for what they want to buy. Seeing a home is like going on a date. You want to make the best first impression to capture the interest of the buyer.

3. Failing to Make Needed Repairs
Contrary to many sellers beliefs, most buyers don’t want to make critical repairs and updates when making a purchase. If a buyer sees issues with a  home, they will probably pass on it and look for another.

4. Scent Ignorance
As a part of your staging plan, don’t forget that “scents” leave a lingering memories some good some bad. Neutralize strong odors with solutions that deodorize. Here's a couple of natural options to try.
Place a bowl of vinegar in a smelly room overnight and it will help soak up the unwelcomed odor.
Add coffee grounds and orange peels to a bowl in the room, inside the trash can, or down the garbage disposal to ensure showing-friendly smells.

5. Neglecting Your Personal Security
Strangers will be roaming through your homes. Don't leave temptation to little children's hands or curious adults. Secure important documents, jewelry and electronics.