Packing Tips for Summer Trips

9 Tips for Summer Trips
Summer vacation is in full swing. Whether you’re camping, road tripping or taking to the air, plan ahead. Consider these packing tips before you go.

Now you’re rolling
Rolled clothes in your suitcase save space and minimize wrinkling. Rather than folding and stacking clothes, roll items up like a sleeping bag.

Easy access snacks
Curb travel munchies (and save money at the gas station) with an assortment of nuts, fruit, trail mix and pre-cut veggies. Have a cooler? Pack ready-made sandwiches and cheese snacks. Keep them within arms reach.

It’s your deal
Talk about big fun in a small package. A deck of cards, a pen and notepad equal hours of fun for everyone. Card games bring people of all ages together. Play Memory, Crazy 8s, Kings in the Corner, or Hand and Foot.

Ready-to-go toiletries
You know the feeling…the moment you realize you forgot your toothbrush. Minimize the risk with an always-ready toiletry bag. Keep it stocked with travel-size shampoo, toothpaste and floss, toothbrushes, deodorant, soap and cotton swabs. Then, grab it and go.

First aid in the bag
Blisters, bug bites and bad headaches—oh my! Keep a first-aid kit handy (a resealable baggie will do). Include an assortment of bandages, hand sanitizer, anti-itch cream, antiseptic wipes and an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Wash and wear
Pack a small resealable baggie of laundry detergent, a rope and clothes pins. If you need to wash a few items in a sink, you’ll be set.

Go old school—print your itinerary
We all love GPSs and mobile devices, but low signal, dead batteries or a cell phone dropped in the lake lead to travel angst. Stay on track. Print your travel itinerary. Have addresses, directions and contact info on hand just to be safe.

Put plastic bags to good use
The most memorable days end with the dirtiest clothes. Plastic bags are great to have along for dirty clothes, wet swimsuits and towels, or sandy, soiled clothes.

Stay hydrated
Refillable water bottles make perfect travel companions for long drives, hiking and lounging in the heat.