Calling San Antonio Your Home

San Antonio, as anyone who has lived here longer than a couple of weeks knows, has plenty of things that set it — and its people — apart. The local newspaper asked locals to complete the phrase, “You know you’re from San Antonio if ______” and here’s what the readers said:

you schedule your annual vacation to begin on Oyster Bake and end the day after King William.
Tammy Edmondson 

 you are having Tex-Mex food, and a boat ride along the San Antonio River.
 Susan Bauernfeind 

 you get hungry and what you still really want is a bean burger and a Chihuahua dog from The Triple S (Sill’s Snack Shack) on the Austin Highway
Ferdie Vollmer

you expect a day off from work and school to attend and maybe participate in the Battle of the Flowers parade since Fiesta is a way of life for the month of April

you are aware of how much water the Aquifer has and when it is close to hitting a higher stage level

you have a family member in the military, retired, or planning to join

 you give directions with the terms “inside/outside the loop,” “North Side,” “South Side,” “Stone Oak,” and “downtown”

the Spurs and the rodeo are related experiences and you love them both

 you don’t mind wearing flip-flops most of the year and have maybe one heavy jacket